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March | Exploration

It means so many different things to different people. It can be traveling to a new place. A sojourn down a hidden path behind your home or even a night alone under the stars. What is exploration to you?

Capping off the month of Exploration is Tamara Benitez and her company's "Escape to" series and the video "Escape to Anilao". Read More

Coming in for our 2nd feature is Jepster Togle from the Philippines with his Film "See You in Tagaytay", which is a popular tourist location Read More

Kicking off the month of March and Exploration is a beautiful submission by Étienne Buteau from Quebec City. The film is titled “Jordan” Read More

The 3rd feature is a fun filled film by Nick Whelan called "The Srb Getaway". A film meant for friends that turned into something bigger & better!  Read More

Étienne Buteau

Tamara Benitez

Jepster Togle

Nick Whelan

February | Connection

What is the best form of human connection to you. Does it come from being at the club? Or does it happen when your sucked into a heated college debate? Or is it just when you are sitting on the couch with your family beside you? Let the world see you portray connection.

Our 4th feature for the month is a Rock N' Roll style wedding video titled “Greg and Katurah”. The piece was submitted by Paolo Ceritano, a filmmaker from Italy Read More

Michael Zomer

Paolo Ceritano

To kick off our first feature for LanParte Perspective is the video”Wayde + Katy // A Wedding Film in Orange County”. This feature was created and filmed by Sidney Diongzo Read More

Our 2nd feature for the month is a particularly powerful one minute film called "Cherish". The piece was submitted by Robert Goulding a UK Director of Photography Read More

Our 3rd feature for the month is "Ten Days of LEN10". Currently Michael is on production in South Africa so his feature will be coming soon!



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Each month will have a theme that we will select the videos based on. It is up to each film maker or candidate to determine how they will interpret the theme in the presentation of their video. 


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