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LanParte Perspectives: Calling for Submissions

LanParte has recently moved to the United States and in order to celebrate we are launching LanParte Perspectives. Our recent expansion reflects the digital world’s continual evolution and adoption of video as our main form of media consumption. LanParte feels strongly about being apart of this movement as many of our own community members have put out some amazing work into this world. That’s why for the coming months, LanParte will be searching the web to look for the best videos that our LanParte community has created.


Every month, LanParte will designate a theme that will guide the videos we share. Of course like any theme or story, it is up to the filmmaker or storyteller to tell their story in their own unique way. So we are challenging you to show us how you frame your story, the message you want to send to viewers when they watch your videos. As of now, the themes selected for the next three months are:

  • February – Connection: What is the best form of human connection to you. Does it come from being at the club? Or does it happen when your sucked into a heated college debate? Or is it just when you are sitting on the couch with your family beside you? Let the world see you portray connection.
  • March – Exploration: It means so many different things to different people. It can be traveling to a new place. A sojourn down a hidden path behind your home or even a night alone under the stars. What is exploration to you?
  • April – Thrill: Life isn’t about living in the middle. Living is about taking it to the edge. To some it is taking your dirt bike and riding through the forest. For others it is catching that elusive wave. Show us what adds the thrill in your life.


What Happens If I’m Selected

This is the time for you to shine. The campaign is centered on making sure that we expose the great talent of our community. So if you are an aspiring film maker, a dad who just loves his camera or an industry professional, we would love to share your work. Don’t be shy. This isn’t just for the industry professionals. Those who are selected will be:

  • Shared on the LanParte USA page
  • Featured on the company’s blog page
  • Contacted for an Interview

Every month we will be selecting four videos and filmmakers to share. Each week we will announce a selection and share their work on our Facebook and blog. Selected candidates will be notified by email for their interview and the scheduling of their posts.

How to Submit My Work

When submitting your video you will need to include the following information. Please note that videos are allowed to be a maximum of 5 minutes long.

Name: Basic contact info
Email: Method of contact
LanParte Product Used: LanParte product needs to be featured when sharing the videos
Link to Download the Video: Videos most likely will be too large. Need a link to download the video
Link to Website or Channel: Link to a channel and/or website will help entice users to join
Short Description: 100 Words Max
Max Time: Videos can be from 1 to 5 minutes long

To begin submitting your work, go to the following link.