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Paolo Ceritano – Filmmaker and Photographer from Italy

Finishing our first month of the campaign is …

Paolo Ceritano from Italy and his film, “Greg and Katurah”. Paolo’s collection of work features locations from all over Europe and really rounds out this global showing of talent of LanParte user. Though we already had a wedding video featured for this month, Paolo has submitted an unorthodox yet engaging spin on representing weddings through film. Paolo created the video with the help of the LanParte Double Handle Rig Kit (DHR-01). “Greg and Katurah”  takes your typical love story and wedding and adds a Rock N’ Roll flair that exposes the fun and crazy side of love. It’s a nice refresher from the usual depiction of love as elegant innocent and blissful, but rather unadulterated raging fun of young love. Paolo’s film reminds us as storytellers that the same stories don’t always need to be told the same way. There is always a spin, a different set of eyes that sees the world a different way.

We interviewed Paolo Ceritano to discuss his stylistic choices and what inspires him to create these unique, videos.


Paolo, congratulations on being chosen! Can you tell us and our readers a little bit about yourself?

Since I was a child, I loved to see the world through a camera and tell the stories I saw. This has always particularly attracted me. This inherit passion continued until high school graduation, after which I started studying Cinema at La Sapienza University of Rome. After graduation, I had my first experience as a cameraman and video editor. I continued to do this until I decided to go back to the origins of video, which led me to photography. By doing this, I studied the essential of creating good images. This, of course, entailed lessons like rule shot, lights, and exposure, which are the ABC for any creative work with images. This new found understanding and grasp of technique allowed me to have a more disciplined approach and at the same time instinctive approach that was totally free of preconceptions while I continue to try and establish a connection between me and my subjects.

I went through your channel and you definitely have a throwback style, often dating back to the 60’s and 70’s. Can you tell us a little about why you like to film in this style?

I grew up listening music from 60’s and 70’s and I have always been fascinated by movies, fashion, lifestyle, photography from that era. I would add 50’s as well. For me it’s not about taking advantage of current trends or whats popular, it’s about my background.

For me it’s all about my eyes. I prefer to watch movies and be inspired, to read a book and being inspired. Art inspires Art.

You seem to have a wide variety of videos including weddings, music, corporate events, fashion reels. Can you tell us how you became so versatile? Do you have a favorite genre?

I don’t have a favorite genre. A part from videography and photography, music is my big passion. This definitely helps because music is the most important element of a video. You could say that I’m not versatile and that new shooting techniques could help my versatility, but I’m just not interested in new tools or techniques. For me it’s all about my eyes. I prefer to watch movies and be inspired, to read a book and being inspired. Art inspires Art. Nowadays it’s very easy to access different contents on internet and this is the new millennial force. Back at the university I used to watch a lot of movies and I didn’t study only Cinema but Arts in general and this is what inspires me.


Greg and Katurah’s wedding video definitely has that more upbeat, party feel of Rock N’ Roll. Can you talk about your creative choice to put the video together in this way? Did Greg and Katurah have some hand in the choice?

Obviously the video is symbolic of my own style but when I shoot a wedding I always let the couple inspire me. I remember back at Greg and Katurah’s wedding when the party started I really enjoyed the music they played so it soon became a combination of the two.

This month’s theme is all about connection. Can you tell us how you were able to accomplish a much more aggressive, upbeat Rock N’ Roll feel while still making the viewer feel the connection/love of the Bride, Groom and the guests?

The video really represent me. It used a photojournalistic style with cool music as the “background”. I watch a lot of wedding videos from all over the world and you’ll start to notice that there is a kind of “cinema wedding” that is often the choice of every videographer out there. But this doesn’t work with me. I prefer a natural approach. I’m not filminga  commercial, music video or short movie, I’m filming a wedding so I want to document an event through my perspective trying not to be too intrusive. Remember, like I said I’ve since I was a child, I loved to see the world through a camera and tell the stories I saw. So even with “Greg and Katurah” I told the story I saw.

PaoloCeritanoTo learn more about Paolo you can visit him at the following:

Website: www.paoloceritano.com

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