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LanParte Complete Kit for SONY FS5 Camera


MSRP $2260.00

FS5K-03 is the Lanparte Complete Kit for SONY FS5 Camera, this is the Lanparte Pro Shoulder Kit for SONY FS5 Camera that runs on 15mm rod system. The features include: FS5 Extension Arm that comes with the exact rosette mount on the camera which can be adjusted to the preferred angle. Design of this arm has incorporated built-in LANC that provides full functionality of the FS5 grip as well as extendable arm length to better fit each configuration and provide a steadier support. Also it comes with the rosette mount to connect to LanParte bridge plates and rosette arms. Top Cheese Plate for FS5 not only providing multiple accessory mounting points via 1/4-20 and 3/8-16, but also keeping the original handle for secured camera carry. For installation, the original cable guide has to be removed from the top and mounted on the side of the cheese plate. FS5 NATO Monitor Extension Arm is the LanParte tool-less installation EVF Extension Arm designed for relocation and extension of the SONY FS5 EVF. It can be installed on the original EVF mount. By loosening the NATO thumbscrew you can move the EVF to your preferred position. With a professional addtion of the ABS Matte Box that has the swing away design and holds two 4×4 rotatable filter trays, AB stop Follow Focus that has very consistent damp and no backlash, and a pre-cut ABS Protection Case.


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Product Description

  • Customized extension arm for SONY PXW-FS5 camera.
  • Relocating the original handle to a more ergonomic position.
  • Extension¬†Arm incorporated¬†built-in LANC cable.
  • Universal design makes it easy for further upgrades.

1. FS5 Extension Arm (FS5A-01)
2. Arri Rosette Handgrip (UG-03-H)
3. Double Arri Rosette Lock Threaded Hole with Double Rod Clamp (ARL-01T-D2)
4. Top Cheese Plate for FS5 (TCP-02)
5. Magic-Arm (MA-01)
6. FS5 Monitor Extension Arm ( MEA-01)
7. V-Mount Shoulder Support, V2 (VMS-01)
8. V-Mount Battery Pinch (VBP-01)
9. Sony FS5 Camera DC Power Cable (DC-50-10)
10.ABS Matte Box (MB-01)
11.Follow Focus with AB Stop, V2 (FF-02)
11.Follow Focus Gear Ring (FFGR-02)
12.ABS Protection Case (ASC-01)

Additional Information

Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 29.5 x 13.4 x 18.5 in


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