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Lanparte Focus Whip (length 16in)


The Lanparte focus whip is a 405 mm long and can be attached to the Lanparte Follow Focus’ standard accessory port or other any other follow focus unit. The Whip has a non-slippery handle and a locking insert. It allows one to pull focus to the camera without physically touching follow focus. It also prevents any vibrations from transferring to the camera.

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Product Description

  • It features a wound steel shaft inside a silicone sheathing, making it very durable as well as flexible.
  • It allows remote control of the follow focus in order to pull focus in a more convenient position either for the camera operator or for the assistant.
  • Apply arri’s film industry standard.
  • Flexible shaft inside.
  • Length: 405mm

Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs
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