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Lanparte Follow Focus Reversing Gear


The Lanparte Extension Arm for Follow Focus comes with an adjustable gear angle and a standard 0.8 pitch. The arm increases the height of your follow focus and allows additional gears of various mods to be mounted on it. Once the follow focus’ height is increased it could fit taller cameras such as the Canon C300 and the RED Epic.

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Product Description

  • Not all lenses are focused in the same direction, many focus further away by turning the ring clockwise, whilst others focus further away when twisting anti-clockwise. If you use a mixture of different lenses with different focusing directions, this can become very confusing and it is important to be able to intuitively pull focus without having to think which direction to turn.
  • Lanparte’s handy reverse gear solves this problem, by reversing the direction that the follow focus dial needs to be turned. This reverse gear can be quickly flipped up and down when changing lenses, so all focus direction types are catered.
  • The gear attaches to a Lanparte FF-01 or FF-02 follow focus, by clamping onto the follow focus on the side opposite to the gear, the tightening screw attaches it firmly.
  • The second screw allows you to fine tune the position of the gear, making it run extremely closely with the main follow focus gear. This adjustment, despite being a millimeter or less, vastly reduces backlash, and allows you to use the gear without noticing a difference in the smoothness of operation or amount of play.

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