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LanParte LA3D-2 3-Axis Handheld Detachable Gimbal with 360° Panorama Function for GoPro & Action Cameras



The most versatile hand-held/ detachable/ mountable Gimbal for GoPro with wired control and wireless upgrade option available soon. Takes generic 2 x 18350 batteries (3+ hours use) and 18650 batteries with extender (for 7+ hours use). The LanParte LA3D-2 Gimbal incorporated cutting-edge brush-less motors allowing you to shoot cinema grade smooth videos even with your daily use action cameras. If you are sick of jittery blurry videos, get yourself a LanParte LA3D-2 and expect everything in your life to go smoothly! The LA3D-2 can also be detached and mounted on many platforms (jib, tripod, chest mount, bike, car…etc) using the GoPro mount (can be removed, and there’s another 1/4-20 mounting point) or 1/4-20 standard threaded hole at bottom of the grip, making it compatible with just about anything. Three popular operation modes: follow mode (camera follows the tilt and pan movements of your wrist, adjust roll with joystick), semi-follow mode (camera tilt is locked but can be adjusted joystick; camera follows pan), and fully locked mode (all axis locked; tilt and pan adjustments can be made with joystick). Inverted mode for low angle shooting: this allows you to have full tilt range when held upside down in Semi Follow & Fully Locked Mode (Does not matter in Follow Mode).


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Product Description

  1. 3 Versatile Shooting Functions (180º/ Portrait/ 360º Pano)
  2. 3 Different Operation Modes (Follow/ Semi- Follow- Tilt Locked / Fully Locked)
  3. Low-Angle Inverted Shooting Capability
  4. Joystick Replaces Buttons for Better Control of the Gimbal (Pan/ Tilt/ Roll). Pan and Tilt Control Available at the Same Time.
  5. Handheld and Detachable/ Mountable with wired-control. Optional Wireless Control Kit Upgrade Available.
  6. Equipped with Half Frame Clamp for GoPro and other Action Cams and Industry Standard 1/4-20 Threaded Holes at the Bottom of the Handle and when Detached for Mounting.
  7. Compatible with GoPro, XiaoMi 4K …etc

Additional Information

Weight 3.7 lbs
Dimensions 13 x 10 x 3 in


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