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Lanparte Gear Ring V1

Lanparte Lanparte Gear Ring
Lanparte Lanparte Gear Ring AltLanparte Lanparte Gear Ring Alternate

MSRP: $ 30.00

The Lanparte Gear Ring is a rubber gear with a standard pitch of 0.8 and a maximum diameter of 4.1″. The gear ring allows the follow focus gear drive a firm grip to the focus ring of the camera lens.

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Product Description

  • Industry standard 0.8mm pitch
  • Compatible with follow focus system
  • Approx. 13″ Long Gear Belt works on any prime or zoom lens.
  • Unique locking method Can prevent loose rack.
  • Easy To Put On The Lens
  • Follow Focus Gear Ring (FFGR-01)
  • Additional Information

    Weight 1 lbs
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