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Lanparte Matte Box for DSLR Cameras Rig

Lanparte Matte Box, V1Lanparte Matte Box, V1 Close Corner ViewLanparte Matte Box, V1 ScrewLanparte Matte Box, V1 Front Corner ViewLanparte Matte Box, V1 Front ViewLanparte Matte Box, V1 Close Back Corner ViewLanparte Matte Box, V1 Close Top View


The Lanparte Matte Box is a 4 x 4 matte box that fits lenses with a maximum front outer diameter of 100mm. It features an independently rotating 4 x 4″ filter trays, which allows one to simultaneously rotate two different filters, such as one polarizer and one graduated filter, or similar filters such as two graduated filters for creative effect. One of the best features of the matte box is the swing-away design for rapid lens changes; features 1″ of height adjustment that allows one to adjust for unconventional camera heights. Further a flexible fabric sleeve adjusts to the outer diameter of one’s lens, providing a light-tight seal so that light from behind the camera does not leak where the lens join the matte box. The matte box also consists of a removable top and side flags that provide additional flare control and attach to the matte box with a lockable hinged assembly. In addition to all the features, the matte box is made of aluminum that makes it lightweight and durable.

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Product Description

  • Side open design
  • Double 4*4 filter holders
  • Rotatable filter holder
  • 3 French flags
  • internal light absorption coating
  • Light weight engineering plastic body

Additional Information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 17 x 13 x 3 in
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