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Michael Zomer – Filmmaker from the Netherlands

A riveting short film inspiring connection…

that is “Ten Days with LEN10 – Epi #1: Love Life!” Filmed by Michael Zomer for the Red Bull Athlete, Ruben Lenten, this film kicks off a three episode series following the life of the Kiteboarder. This first episode takes a look into a professional athlete and how he ensures that not only is his craft perfected and ready for international competition, but how his self both physically and spiritually contributes to his overall success.

Michael expertly takes us through the mind of Ruben, as Ruben shows us the life that he has chosen and how he ensures the completeness of the choice. Combining love, community and passion, Michael not only shows us the connection between a pro athlete and his life, but also reminds us our connection to our self.

Michael Zomer is on production in South Africa so he is unable to respond with an interview at this time. Michael’s insights will be added to the post once he is able to get time to contribute his thoughts. If you’d like to learn more about Michael please visit his website or Vimeo channel

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