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Sidney Diongzon – Los Angeles Filmmaker

To kick off our first feature for LanParte Perspectives…

is the video”Wayde + Katy // A Wedding Film in Orange County”. This feature was created and filmed by Sidney Diongzon, filmmaker from Los Angeles, California. The video was helped with the use of a LanParte Handheld Gimbal for Smartphones and Action Cameras (HHG-01) and captured a beautiful wedding in beautiful Orange County just this last summer.

The video was chosen because it perfectly encapsulates the simplicity yet powerful emotion of connection.  Sidney expertly depicts a fairly simple but beautiful wedding. Just by looking at the smiles of the bride, groom and all the audience, you cannot but help feel a warmth of affection. Followed up by the happiness and bliss of the latter half of the video, there isn’t a video that could better encapsulate the theme of connection.

We also interviewed Sidney Diongzon so that our fans could learn more about him and also what went into the filming and completion of the video.

Sidney, can you tell us a little about yourself?

I’m a filmmaker & photographer from Los Angeles that loves to travel with my family. I got into film & photography because I love tellings stories. In fact, I love chasing stories and chasing adventures. Currently, I do freelance work through my production company Rebel Shoes Productions.

Your channel has a clear pattern that deals with love, whether is weddings or family. What made you decide to focus on this genre?

I never intended to focus on it, but I guess I’ve always found love to be so fascinating. It always inspired me to do more and to take leaps of faith. It’s how I flew to England and win the heart of my now wife! Perhaps the reason why I focus on this “genre” so much is simply because I like showing what love can do and what love can be.

Can you give us some insight in how you make sure to expose and highlight the emotions of your subjects?

For me, capturing the motions of my subjects starts by getting to know them on a personal level. I like to talk to with my clients over coffee, and often times we have a lot more in common to chat about! I think it’s important to remember that you’re on the same journey with your clients, so it becomes pretty personal after about a year of wedding preparation. But once you get to know your subjects, it’s pretty easy to capture them and their emotions truthfully. Capturing human connection starts by making a human connection.

For me, telling stories means capturing the truth. I wanted people to know how much Wayde & Katy really loved each other by the few minutes of their wedding video.


On you websites you talk about the importance of stories. With Wayde + Katy’s wedding, can you talk about the story you wanted to tell?

Wayde & Katy are really good friends of mine, and I know how incredibly sweet they are to each other. It might be cliché to say that people marry their best friends, but in this case, it couldn’t be more true. For me, telling stories means capturing the truth. I wanted people to know how much Wayde & Katy really loved each other by the few minutes of their wedding video. I wanted to capture friendship in love. That’s the story I wanted to capture.

Weddings are crazy. There’s a lot of pressure and too much going on. Before the big day, how do you ensure that you will be able to receive all the necessary shots to ultimately put together the video?

I think every artist needs to be inspired before they do any project. For weddings, I like to prepare myself by looking at the work from filmmakers that are far better than me. If I have time, I would practice certain shots and try different lenses under different lighting conditions. I don’t usually have a shot list, but I do share a Pinterest board with my clients to help me get an idea of what kind of images they like. Most times, I just feel it out on the wedding day! Ultimately, I try my best to retell their story as accurately as possible.

SidneyDiongzon3-cropTo learn more about Sidney you can visit him at the following:

Website: www.sidneydiongzon.com


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